Elinet Assets management

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Elinet Assets management was founded in the end of 2019 with aim to be an investment vehicle and bridge in Greece for the international investors.

We are an experienced international and professional investment team. In the past 15 years, this core team has completed renewable energy projects more than 150 million euros in Greece. The team had participated all phases of projects, including prospecting, due diligence, project development, construction and post-investment management. We have cooperated in-depth with experts in various fields, whether it is legal, financial, tax consulting, engineering, technology, etc.
Project 2 - InstaShop (Efood)

We are looking for commercial buildings in Athens.

Currently, Elinet has mainly focused on commercial real estate, they are Supermarket, office building, pharmacy & clinecs, schools and etc.

In the future, we will continue to focus on high-quality projects in the fields of renewable energy, tourism, medical care, and education.


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